Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It Mat-ters

Not a real pretty picture, but it is a picture of my basement floor.  The floor is concrete, and standing there in front of Gemma and quilting can get a little rough on the feet.  Over the weekend I bought these foam mat sections and I'm real pleased with them.  They are those puzzle piece type sections, each about two feet square.

I had looked at one piece mats before and they were pretty expensive.  These came in packages of 4 sections and were less than $8 per package.  I found them at our local farm store, Rural King.  What is pictured is two packages.  I think I need one more package and I will be set.  I think if there was a mat under the air compressor it wouldn't be so noisy.

Real pleased with this solution.  Once in a great while there is a little water in that part of the basement, and if these get wet, it's not going to be a big deal to just get new ones if needed.  They were in the automotive section of the store.  I think their original purpose was for in a workshop.  Just don't tell the manufacturer that they can be used in a quilting studio or they will jack the price up!

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Lynley said...

aren't you clever? I noticed when we moved to a kitchen that was on concrete not floor boards - after a few hours my legs got quite sore (not that I do that kind of cooking any more! Dinner parties? no way). Padding is a great idea.