Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Three Amigos

This was Marla, Mary, and I in front of one of those goofy screened pictures at the show!  Oh did we ever have fun!

I'll start from the beginning...  haha.  Wednesday Mary arrived at my house about noon and we were on the road to Paducah very shortly after that.  I had made turkey and cheese sandwiches, and packed chips and grapes.  Oh, we also had some iced tea to go with them.  Mary made some chocolate chip cookies, so we were all set.  Road Trip!

We got to Metropolis about 3 p.m. and checked into the Super 8.  Room was acceptable.  About the only thing I might have changed would have been that we could only get a smoking room.  Super 8 did the best they could to get the smell out, but if you are a non smoker, you can still smell it.  Minor price to pay for being so close to Paducah!

Marla had gone ahead to the show straight from home and was heading back to the hotel about the time we checked in.  After we were all settled in, we set out for Hancock's of Paducah.  Look out world, here we come!  I bought my roll of batting and a couple of nice batiks.  I also picked up a jelly roll for Sandy.  My wallet was a little lighter after that trip!

We had dinner at Rafferty's Wednesday night.  Although there were a few errors made on our orders, all in all it was a very nice meal.

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