Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Scrappy Ideas

When I made my 16 patch blocks, I had leftover 4 patch strips.  A lot of leftover strips.  Like over 130.  They are going to go into tops for the nursing homes this year.  Since they are 12x3 finished strips, I think if I turn them into 12x12 finished blocks I would only need 25 strips per quilt.  That would make a 60x60 top before the border.  This is my idea for a block.  A 6x12 part on one side of the strip and a 3x12 strip on the other side to make the block.  I could alternate the orientation of the blocks to give it more variety.

And I would have enough strips to make 5 nursing home quilts!  That would be a great start on this years quilts.

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