Thursday, April 16, 2015

Getting Closer Every Day

With the trip to Paducah less than a week away, I'm getting really excited about it.  So much to see!  So much to do!

At some point, we are going to take a quick side trip to the Harley Davidson dealer for our husbands.  Marla's husband, as well as mine, both drive Harley's.  I would like to get Ev a shirt and get our good friend a poker chip from the Paducah dealer.

Mary and I are like two little kids... I texted her today about what we would do for lunch on Wednesday!  She will get to my house about noon, then it's another three hour drive to Paducah.  I told her we had a few choices.  We could eat at my house, I could pack sandwiches and we could eat while we drive, or we could stop somewhere and get lunch.  Both of us agreed that eating a packed lunch while driving would be the best option.  I think we both would prefer to spend as much money on fabric and sewing stuff, rather than food!  Ha ha great minds think alike...  Plus Wednesday night we plan to have dinner at a nice place in Paducah, so we don't want to be too full from lunch.

So, Mary, if you read this, let me know what kind of sandwich you want!  Smoked turkey?  Baked ham?  American or swiss or muenster cheese?  Mustard or mayo?  The deli is now open for business...

And Marla, if you get to the hotel before we do, hold down the fort!


Mary Frazier said...

Turkey and swiss with mayo please lol. Will there be chips?
So glad we both agree on so many things. Quicker we get on the road the quicker the fun begins!

Marla said...

Absolutely girlfriends!! Can't wait until Wednesday!!!

Marla said...

Absolutely girlfriends!! Can't wait until Wednesday!!!

bunbear said...

woo hoo! road trip!!!!