Saturday, April 25, 2015

Times Six (or Seven)

Was just sitting here thinking about how many times I have been to the quilt show in Paducah.  I have been to six shows in the past eight years.  Started going in 2008.  Didn't go in 2010 or 2012.  In 2012 I took delivery of my longarm a few days after the show.  2011 was a very eventful year at the show because of the high water.  In 2007 I went to the show in Nashville in August.  I'm trying to remember if I had gone to Paducah before 2007.  I don't think so, but for some reason I don't think Nashville was the first quilt show I went to.  

Twice I stayed in Marion.  Twice in Golconda. Twice in Metropolis.  I think Metropolis is the best option of the three.  We have our reservation made for next year already.

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