Monday, April 4, 2016

Green Shirtings Quilt Done

I finished the green shirting quilt yesterday.  It ended up being approximately 64"x72".  I mistakenly had called it a 9 patch, and it is obviously not.  Oops.

This quilt top was put together quite a while ago.  I like the way the two fabrics in each type of 16 patch block go together.  The stripes in the white fabric match the colors in the plaids.

The quilting is just a simple loopy meander.  I needed to get it done quickly.

I washed the top after I put the binding on it.  There were some faint water marks on the backing material that I wanted to try and get out.  For the most part they are gone and I think I would be the only one who would notice them, only because I knew they were there.

The quilt is going to a resident in a nursing home, so will have many washings in the future!

I had to piece this material to get a large enough back.  This is about the last of that print.  I bought a bolt of it from Miller's in Arthur a few years ago.  It is the same print I have on the back of my quilt on my bed.  I got a very good deal on that bolt of fabric!

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Lynley said...

That's a lovely quilt - looks very comforting!