Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I have my little Spring banner out.  I thought maybe it would remind the weather that it is April.  It has been cold here in the mornings and overnight!  Like freezing temps!  Brrr!

And yes, we need to do some yard work.  We got most of the grass mowed over the weekend, but this section didn't get taken care of yet.  So it looks messy.

The backing for the Paducah Swap 2015 was cut and pieced together last night.  I am using the remainder of a bolt of fabric, also from Miller's in Arthur, that I had in my stash.  It's a tiny blue print on white.  Unfortunately it also has some watermarks on it (these were from when the material was stored at the store, not from where I stored it, which was why I was able to purchase it on the cheap).  I am confident that the watermarks will come out with a good soaking in Oxy Clean.  And even if all they do is fade, I'll still be happy.  It's a scrap quilt and it's going to get used and washed a LOT.

I took the backing and draped it over the frame last night.  It's huge.  The quilt is for my king size bed, so it has to be pretty big.

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