Thursday, April 28, 2016

Stormy Night

Had some thunderstorms last night that were pretty loud.  I went to bed early, before 9, so I was sound asleep at 10:30 when this really loud clap of thunder happened.  It woke me and the dog up!  Addy jumped, but didn't get too excited, just laid right back down.  I was listening for hail, which thankfully we didn't have at our house.  My weather alert radio went off a couple times, but the worst of it seemed to be going north of us.

When Ev got home from work he said he could hear the storm from inside the building, so that tells you it was very loud.  The factory he works in is extremely loud.

I cut the squares and finished the one side of the blocks for the corn toss bags.  I even sewed around 5 bags, so I have a pretty good start.  Hope to get the sewing part done on them tonight and then get them filled and sewn shut tomorrow.  Plan to go and get more corn to fill them with today.

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