Tuesday, July 19, 2016


MMMMM.  Blackberry cobbler times two!  I baked these two yummy cobblers from a portion of the blackberries I received.  One of the cobblers went to my great uncle here in town in exchange for these:

Not a bad trade, in my opinion!  One of the tomatoes was from Johanna's garden.  Uncle Ray grows the more pinkish tomatoes.  I love those peppers.  They are a lighter and thinner skinned pepper than the bell peppers you find in the store.  Very good eats.

About 9:40 last night I was getting ready for bed and decided to take a couple things up to the sewing room.  It was still awful hot up there, since I hadn't had the a/c or fans on at all.  I thought since I was up there I would go ahead and cut the material for the set of bags that was ordered and are due Thursday.

Well, I cut the pieces of canvas, then thought I could just go ahead and wind a bobbin with the industrial strength thread and then thread the machine, so it would be all ready to sew.  And then I just sat down to sew and before I knew it, the bags were all done!

Tonight I just need to fill them with corn and sew the tops together.

We had BLT's for dinner last night.  I think tonight we might have roast beef sandwiches.  In this heat, I don't like to make a big heavy meal all the time.  I have some sliced roast beef from the deli that I would put in some au jus to warm up.  Easy, peasy.

May get to work on the second pair of p.j.'s if I feel like it.

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