Saturday, July 2, 2016

On The Frame

Here's the quilt on the frame that I am making for my uncle.  I just got it loaded this morning.  Not in the mood to start quilting it just yet, mostly because I don't want to be in the basement right now.  It's a cool and rainy day and I'm enjoying having the windows open. Thinking I might even take a nap soon.  Then may go upstairs and do some sewing.

I'm really pleased with Clarice.  The sewing machine guy fixed here up real nice.  No more skipped stitches!  She is a real speed demon now too.  I'm very happy with her.


Sewgranny said...

Yes, don't we love it when our babies sew like they're supposed to!!!

Dora, the Quilter said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this completed. I love making gift and prayer quilts from panels, but I always need mor ideas on the quilting.

I've been quilting most of the day. It's becoming overcast, so if we get some rain, I'll unplug the machine and enjoy the moisture too.