Thursday, January 3, 2013

Such is life

After not sleeping very well last night because of coughing (that cough syrup just didn't seem to kick it for me), I got up and decided to try and go to work again.  Yesterday I lasted the whole morning and a couple hours into the afternoon before I went home.  I'm hoping today I make it through the whole day.

My morning routine consists of getting in the shower first thing, which I did today.  A little bit later I needed to use the water in the kitchen and noticed it was not coming out of the faucet very fast at all.  I went in the basement and looked around to see if there were any puddles of water.  Thankfully, there were not.  Then I walked out to the front yard and sure enough, up through the ground the water was just a bubbling like crazy.  Sigh.

I called the city and they sent someone out.  They will work on it this morning and get it fixed.  Another good thing, the break occurred in a spot that the city is responsible for, not us as homeowners.  So, a little inconvenience for a few days (boiling drinking water) is a small price to pay.  I do feel for those guys who have to work outside in this cold weather, especially with water and all.

I'm trying to decide what to do as a sewing project for the year.  I'm thinking something every day, like a small block, might be the route I go.  Maybe set a goal of getting certain things accomplished each week, even.  All I know, is that right now I'm not doing anything at home except sleeping.  Oh, and eating.  This cold did not diminish my appetite yet!

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