Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A balmy 22 degrees

NOT.  This morning the temp was hovering around 10 degrees when I had to leave for work.  Brrr! 

Last night I went to Tilley's with my brother, his girlfriend, and her son for wings.  They were okay, but I'm kind of off them now.  When Tilley's first opened I ate those things three times a week!  Now, I can take them or leave them.

This morning before work I went upstairs and cut strips for the border on the rail fence top.  Hopefully I will get them on tonight, but no promises! 

Bonnie Hunter had quilt cam last night.  I watched that until it was over then was in bed pretty early.

Not sure what I'm going to make for dinner tonight.  There are some short ribs in the fridge that are looking to be turned into ribs and kraut, so that might be on the menu. 

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