Monday, November 10, 2014

Dining at a dive

Ev and I took a ride Saturday over to a dive restaurant a few towns away.  I was having a craving for onion rings, and this greasy spoon was just the place to get them!
Here's the view from the end of the counter where we were sitting.  They don't have a lot of room to work, but they really get things done efficiently.  We each had a double cheeseburger, an order of onion rings, and an iced tea.  The burger patties are super thin, so a double is not really very big.  Then Ev decided he would like a Polish sausage to go for later.  Well, later ended up being in the car in the parking lot!  He had that sandwich devoured before we were half way home!  Cracked me up.

It was a nice drive and we enjoyed ourselves.  Not somewhere we will eat on a regular basis unless we want heart attacks for Christmas.... 

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