Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday blahs

It just seems to be such a blah day today.  I'm looking forward to this evening when I can (hopefully) get some sewing done while the cleaning ladies are working their magic.  That is, if Addy will allow it...  haha.  She may end up in her kennel while they are at the house if she doesn't settle down in the sewing room with me.

I would like to get that last top done for the nursing homes.  Thinking if I do a medallion style that I might sew those squares (4-1/2" I think) that were in a bag of scraps into rows and put them as one round of the top.  We shall see.

One good thing is that I won't have to cook tonight if I don't want to.  I made stir fry chicken last night, as well as ribs and kraut in the crock pot.  I do have a small piece of steak that I would like to make with some mushroom soup and noodles, but that may be for tomorrow night.  I do like to have a clean kitchen for a few hours at least!  haha.

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