Monday, November 17, 2014

Border wars

The rail fence top is almost finished.  I think it needs a border.  Here it is without the border:
My first choice for a border would have been the center stripe of light material.  I don't have enough of it, but I do have a similar print.

It would do in a pinch, but it just didn't grab me and the fact that the patterns are different bothers me.

Here are a couple other choices:

The top one is a light purple with a print sandwiched in between.  The bottom one is the same print then a medium purple.  I think I will go with the bottom choice.  Two borders, each 2.5" wide should do the trick.

I didn't put a border on the whirlpool block quilt and I'm thinking I should. 

One more nursing home top to make!  I was planning on another rail fence, but while blog surfing I came across a quilt Lynley made in medallion style.  That got me to thinking how quick one would be to make.  Going to figure out what size I need to start with and go from there.

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