Monday, November 10, 2014

Stringing along

Over the weekend I was able to finish sewing all 64 pieces for the spiderweb string blocks.  Each block takes 4 pieces and I need 16 blocks.  After the sewing was done, I pressed them, trimmed them, and took the paper off the backs.

They went from these pieces above, to being sewn together in pairs as shown in the picture below.

Now I need to use my new iron to press these open and sew the block halves together.  They will have gone from 64 pieces, to 32 piece, and soon 16 blocks.  I like that countdown. 

It was kind of funny.  I went upstairs at 9 p.m. last night just to finish pulling the papers off the last 20 blocks or so.  I told Ev I would only be up there about 10 minutes.  Well, once I pulled the papers off I wasn't quite ready to call it a night, so I just started sewing!  Sewed until 10!  I think if I weren't at a point where I needed to press the blocks, I might just have pushed through and made the blocks. 

Hopefully I will be able to get to that tonight. 

Dinner yesterday was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, and brussell sprouts.  Pretty good eats!  Went shopping at the IGA in Staunton and bought several packages of meat so I have a little bit to choose from this week.  I wanted to put a roast in the crock pot this morning, but I didn't have the right seasoning packet.  If I can, I'll pick that up before I run home for lunch and the roast can still turn into Italian Beef before dinner time.  I like to use that Louis' Seasoning for my Italian Beef.  There are quite a few of the dinner rolls left over, so that will be all I need for dinner tonight.

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