Monday, November 17, 2014

Addy update

Addy is making remarkable progress.  She is doing very well with the housebreaking, with the exception of when she goes into my sewing room for some reason.  I think it's because other animals have had accidents in there.  Either way, she is still doing very good. 

Over the weekend we really worked with her and the cat, trying to get Addy to settle down and not maul Shadow every time she is in the room.  We made progress there, but still have some work to do.

We also are working on getting Addy not to jump on everyone when they come through the front door.  We had some success in that area, but it may have been a one time deal.  I'm expecting company tonight, so will see how things go.

It was really hard to leave for work this morning when all I wanted to do was cuddle up with this little ball of fur!  She had her ear flipped over, as usual!  I guess she is afraid she will miss something!

We weighed her over the weekend.  She is up to 38 pounds!  Getting to be a long legged pup, too.

And she had her first taste of snow.  She isn't quite sure what to make of this brand new world yet, but it won't take long and she will be rolling in it and romping around like all the rest did!  I remember Ivy's first day on the icy patio when she went sprawling on all fours!  Silly girl!  I still miss her lots.  Addy has helped with healing our hearts from that loss.

Can you see two different quilts on the bed in that picture?  There are actually three quilts I made on the bed.  One is under the smaller squares quilt.  I love having all those home made quilts on the bed!

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