Monday, November 10, 2014

Iron Pup

Can you guess what this sweet little puppy did over the weekend?
While I was working on trimming the spiderweb star blocks, Addy was visiting me in the sewing room.  She was on the side of the table I was working at and I couldn't see her head, but I had been checking on her.  She was busily chomping on her toy, as well as shredding a scrap of batting. 

I guess I got a little lax in my checking, because the next thing I knew, my iron had two cords instead of one!  I don't keep the iron plugged in, luckily, so she wasn't in danger of getting shocked. 

So, off to Wal Mart I went yesterday to buy a new iron.  There are some things I will repair the cords on, but an iron is not one of them.  It just pulls too much juice.  To tell you how serious I was about buying a replacement iron, I must have spent 20 minutes comparing the selection Wal Mart has!  And, surprisingly enough, there is a nice selection to choose from. 

I immediately gravitated to the Black and Decker models because I trust that name.  It came down to the home professional steam model, or the basic model that looked retro.  I liked the retro iron because of it's weight, but I was also concerned about it's weight being a negative factor if I had a lot of ironing to do.  The sole plate on the home professional model was larger than the retro, plus it pulled more electricity, so I'm hoping it gets hotter.  Sorry I don't have a picture of it to post just yet.

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