Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A little bit of a rant...

This is not quilt related. 

I do not like to talk politics.  Everyone has a different opinion and I respect that.  I expect people to respect that I may have a different opinion than they do, and if we disagree on a subject, we should refrain from discussing it if it will get tempers flaring.

I wasn't in the office this morning for 20 minutes and a coworker (not usually in this office, thankfully) began talking politics right off the bat.  After trying, unsuccessfully, to change the subject, I got up and started to leave the room.  At which point I was accused of being a coward and rude by this person. 

So be it.  If leaving a discussion because you do not want to argue is rude, then I guess I'm rude.  And I'm not a coward.  I do not force my opinions down someone else's throat.  This individual seems to think they are cloaked in self righteousness because of election results.  Personally, I think they are going to be singing a different tune in a short time because some changes may happen that will be a detriment to them.  Not that I wish that on them, but it's a very real possibility.

I am angry that no matter who is in office the fact remains that my family is struggling. 

I am grateful that we are in better shape than many, many people.  That fact keeps me calmer than I would be right now.

End of rant.  Back to your regularly scheduled quilting...  :)


Lynley said...

I can so sympathise! I don't know enough about politics to argue with people so I just avoid the subject ... I think unless you actually know what you're talking about then you should keep quiet! But not everyone does. I just don't understand people that want to try and convince you about politics (or religion, or favourite car, or anything) - why argue about it? nuts.

Katie M. said...

I think by leaving the area where the discussion was being held was a great idea! Some small minded people just don't get it when others have opinions of their own....