Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday at last

It's finally Friday and I have a lot planned for this weekend!  I would love to get the last two nursing home tops finished, and hopefully one loaded on Gemma.  I have cut the strips for the first rail fence top, so it's all ready to be sewn into strip sets when I get home tonight.  Here's the materials I'm using:
I wanted to have something bright in it, so the fabric in the middle was what I chose.  I pulled colors out of the print for the other materials.  There will be 25 ten inch blocks in the top.  I need seven 2-1/2" strips from each material. 

Last night's dinner was a chicken and noodle casserole.  I loosely followed a recipe on All Recipies website.  Mine had kluski noodles, chicken breast, mushroom soup, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, onions, mushrooms, carrots, celery, and chicken broth in it.  Doesn't look like much but it was pretty tasty!
The original recipe had a breadcrumb topping, but Ev's not crazy about that, so I left it off.  The best parts of this casserole were the addition of cream cheese and the fresh mushrooms.  I brought some to work for lunch!

Addy has still not mellowed out towards the cat, Shadow.  She is just hyper dog whenever she is around the cat.  I keep thinking (wishing) that if we allow them to be around each other things will level out, but the dog just will not give the cat any peace.  Last night I was trying to hold the cat for a few minutes and Addy got right up next to Shadow on my lap!

Sorry the picture was a bit blurry but it was an action shot since I had to get the dog away from Shadow before she slobbered all over both of us...again.


Andee said...

Dinner looks great!

horsnaround said...

The cat looks under impressed.