Friday, December 19, 2014

Busy Time of Year

Last night I made MORE cookies....  Another pan of wonder bars and a batch of chocolate chip raisin cookies.  I think I might be done baking cookies for a while...

Yesterday I had to run over to Nick's apartment.  I snapped this pic of the front of his building.
I may have shown a picture of the building before, but it is such a beautiful piece of architecture, it bears repeating.  Can you see the Elk head mounted in the middle, above the steps?  It used to be an Elk's Lodge!  In fact, they call the building the Elk Tower Apartments.

Isn't this little ornament cute?  Johanna stopped by one day while I was at work and dug this little guy out of the ornaments.  She hung him in the doorway of the kitchen.  He's like a s'more playing the guitar!


Lynley said...

You are a baking legend! Good luck with it all ... and that building is really wonderful. We have so few historic anythings in Canberra it would be lovely to have such appealing buildings - give a place some class :)

Dora, the Quilter said...

Oh, my goodness, I *love* Nick's apartment building. I would love to be able to find and afford a building like that and convert it into living space, quilting space, and rental space! (Of course, they never built them that way out here in the desert!)