Monday, December 1, 2014

I didn't fall off the face of the earth

I'm sure you were wondering if I was still around after a few days of silence on the blog!  I'm still here!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family.  The turkey was perfect...
Our trip driving was uneventful.  There was a lot of traffic, which is to be expected.  When we left our little town, this was what the City Park looked like.  Sorry it's a bit off kilter, but we were driving.
And no, we don't live on another planet where there are two suns...  just a reflection through the car window!  haha.

We were about half way to Mom's and decided to stop at a McDonald's for a break.  Ev actually wanted a Big Mac and since we were a few hours away from eating, we thought, why not?  Well, I went in to use the rest room and when I went to go to the counter to order, they were turning people away.  Said they had already closed the kitchen for the holiday (it was about 11) but decided to stay open to let people use the rest rooms!  I thought that was very nice.

While I was inside, Ev was walking Addy.  There was a little park area and of all things, there were still pay phones in it!  Haven't seen one of them in a long time.  Here's Ev and Addy taking a stroll.
Got to our destination safely and had a very nice visit and an excellent dinner!

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Andee said...

Welcome back--turkey looks delicious!