Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Maybe a new routine

The last two nights I have done something a little different when I got home from work.  I have put dinner together then went downstairs to work on Gemma while things bake or cook.  It has given me enough time to finish up the fourth top.  I did have to go up and shut things off when I got real involved, but that was okay.  Maybe I can keep this up.  It will certainly help with my current project and if I keep going, I can get more of those tops quilted that are languishing in drawers...

Addy was sitting on the couch yesterday looking so cute I just had to take her picture!  See how she has those markings above her eyes?
She sort of blends in with the couch.  Poor puppy doesn't really want to come downstairs yet, so she sits on the landing while I work on Gemma.  I keep a running commentary going to let her know I'm there.

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