Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Lights

Have you ever noticed there are many different styles of decorating outside for Christmas?

There are those who will line their windows and the roofline of their house with strands of lights and call it good.  Some may use all one color, some may use icicle lights or large, old fashioned bulbs (my favorite), but basically it's the same type of decorating. 

There are the lawn ornament type of decorators.  Lighted reindeer, moving and stationary, and trees created by stringing lights down, teepee fashion, from a pole. 

Then there is the inflatable category.  Oh, what person created these monstrosities, I don't know, but at this time of year you can't go down the street without seeing a waving Santa or snowman, lit from inside.  In our little corner of the world there is an inflatable snowman that is actually two stories tall.  It reminds me of a used car lot gorilla....

We have one line of the old fashioned, large bulb lights going all the way around our fence, and two solar powered lights with Santa and a snowman on either side of the sidewalk leading to our front door.  I would have liked to have done more, but this was enough.  What I like is that you can see the lights on the fence several blocks away when you cross the railroad tracks.

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