Monday, December 22, 2014

Great Weekend!

Over the weekend we went to visit family.  Had a great time!  Good food, lots of laughter, and presents!  Here's a pic of Mom's tree.

And a close up of underneath the tree...
Addy seemed to think that she should be laying under the tree at all times!  Everyone just cracked up about it.  She was a good dog the whole trip.  We were very pleased.

Mom is still using the tree skirt I made her several years ago!

Haven't been online much from home.  Lousy internet has been out over a week.  Doing a dance with the provider right now to get them out to fix it.  Not sure who is going to win.... haha.  Seriously, if they don't come fix it soon, we are just going to change providers.

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P. said...

Your dog is adorable. Remember lying under the Christmas tree as a kid? She picked a good spot!