Sunday, December 14, 2014

My personal quilt show - Part 1

Ready to see all the nursing home quilts?  Here they are - front, back, and close up!
 The "unchopped" block quilt.  I got tired of making the "chopped" blocks and just used them as is.
One of two backings that is green, for Christmas, but has shamrocks on it!  Hey, I was stash busting...
Going to have to remember what I did here.  A little hard to see in the pic, but the center has a flower, the next round has loopy loops, and the third round has a flower in the corners and on the sides.  It looks nice in the whole quilt.
The spiderweb string quilt took a lot longer than the other tops to make, but the overall effect was worth it.  There are so many different scraps that it will keep someone occupied for a while just looking for different little things.  The novelty fabrics in it add quite a bit of variety.  These scraps mainly came from a gallon ziplock bag of scraps purchased in Paducah.
The back also had shamrocks.  Since the shamrock material was not quite wide enough, in both backings there is a bit of a solid green to make it the correct size.
Close up of the quilting.  Johanna said her favorite part of the quilting was what I did inside the star part.  I like that too.  The spiderwebs just had a big spiral.  The area that had the tear or snag is in this picture.  Can you find it?  Hint:  I patched it with a yo-yo!
 The purple Carpenter's Star. 
 Backing was the little red on white print I bought a bolt of in Arthur last time we were there.
Quilting is swirls and flames done freehand.  I did this on several tops to try and get better at it.  It works as a good overall pattern.  In the border I did a large loopy loop.
 The blue Carpenter's Star.  I think of the three CS's that I did, this one is my favorite.  I love the blues and I think it has a good amount of contrast between the dark and medium fabrics.
 Again, the red on white material for the back.  I had loaded enough backing for two tops at a time while doing these quilts.
Swirls and flames for the quilting, plus a ferny leaf in the border that almost looks like waves.
The pink Carpenter's Star. 
 This one the backing actually goes with the top!
Swirls and flames in the center, feathers in the border.

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P. said...

You've done a wonderful job on those nursing home quilts! I haven't read back far enough to see why you decided to make them, but I bet they will really be appreciated. Love the spider web quilt in particular.