Tuesday, December 2, 2014

On a roll

Normally Monday nights are not a sewing night for me.  I guess it's the whole 'having to go back to work after the weekend' thing that wears me out and all I want to do is plop on the couch until bedtime.  Last night was different.  I managed to not only get the medallion top loaded on Gemma, I also began quilting it!
In the two blue/white borders the quilting is just a squiggle in one direction for a few lines, then the opposite direction for a few lines.  Nothing fancy, but it works well.  In the larger floral border the quilting is a loopy loop with the loops being almost dime sized.  In the cornerstone is a flower.

I was thinking of going with diagonal lines in each of the floral panes in the center.  Once I looked at it on Gemma that just didn't seem right.  It seems like it would break up the design of the block (this center piece is a pre printed panel).  I think a spiral will work much better.

My plan is to finish this top tonight as soon as I get home from work.  Tomorrow my cleaning ladies will be at the house for a couple hours when I get home.  During that time I would like to get the backings prepared for the next 4 tops.  Loading a backing large enough for two tops has been working out very well.  It cuts down on set up time and that motivates me to keep quilting!

And yes, Mimi, I think you are right - on those feathers that I quilted the wrong direction I believe it will just be an intentional design element!  Good idea!

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