Monday, December 1, 2014

Not turkey leftovers

Since we had traveled for the holiday, we didn't have any turkey leftovers.  I did bring home two huge turkeys to put in the freezer.  The store by Mom's was having a sale on their fresh turkeys on Thanksgiving Day, so while one bird was baking I sent Nick to pick up two more and throw in her freezer, then bring home.  I would like to make one on Christmas and the price was just too good to pass up.  And since my freezer is relatively empty right now, getting a spare was a good idea.

Last night, after doing a lot of sewing all day, I made a big dinner for Ev and I.  We had fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and salad!  Yum!
Yes, those are paper plates.  I didn't want to dirty any more dishes than necessary.

And I just want to share this thought - don't save making green bean casserole for the holidays!  Make it on a Tuesday or a Thursday or any day.  It's really not difficult and adds so much to the meal.

I was going to make gravy, but, well, I kinda forgot...  Butter on the potatoes worked just fine.  hee hee.

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