Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Inch by inch

I have finished binding one nursing home quilt!  whee!  One down, seven to go.

Last night after I made dinner I got the old 15-91 fired up and started binding.  That little machine runs like a dream!  She is real good at going over the heavy bumps and seams in the binding area.

What I especially like is that she is in a cabinet and I have her on the main floor.  I can sit in my little corner and still see and hear the t.v. in the front room while I sew.  This will be especially cool when Bonnie does quilt cam!

Addy had a couple moments where she tried to pull on the quilt while I was working on it.  Once she settled down, things went real smooth.  I even laid a quilt on the floor for her by my side and she just crashed out there while I sewed.  Good puppy!

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Lynley said...

You have been so productive over the last couple of weeks! Good luck with the final stretch on the nursing home quilts :) We nearly got a puppy last week but decided she would just be too smart (and would probably grow up too big - it was from the pound so they had no idea what she would turn into...)