Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Beagle Win

Last night the Beagle won Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show.  Mom has two beagles named Danny Boy and Brasco.  Brasco was actually my brother's dog until he got a girlfriend and the dog got way too jealous...  Brasco had already been spending the majority of his day at Mom's, so it was a natural transition for him to become her dog.  We have had a lot of beagles in the past, so I was very happy to see Miss P, the 15" Beagle, take Best in Show!

Our sweet Addy is Best in Show in our house right now of course!  She watched most of the dog show with me.  I always pull for the German Shepherd, but he just never quite makes the cut.  German Shepherd's are my favorite breeds, probably because the first dog I ever had was one.

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