Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Back to (semi) normal

Here is the promised picture of the kids' Valentine bags.  Not fancy, just a little whimsical.

Internet guy was at the house yesterday to fix the problem.  It was fixed then two hours later went out again.  It came back on immediately, thankfully, but I've really reached my tolerance limit with this provider.

Made a big pot of chili yesterday.  It was chilly outside so we had chili inside!  Was a good dinner.  Now I need to go to the store and get some freezer containers because I have so many leftovers!  Cooked a lot of food over the time I was off.

Watched the first half of the dog show yesterday evening.  Tonight is the second half.  I really enjoy watching it every year.  Addy was checking it out, too, last night.

Speaking of Addy, she just loves the snow!  She runs around and leaps like a deer in the yard.  And, instead of laying down on the cleared patio, she lays in the 10" plus of snow in the yard!  Goofy mutt.

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Andee said...

Chili sounds so good..I acutally was goign to make it this past weekend but didn't get to it..maybe this weekend!