Monday, February 23, 2015

Frigid Temps

When I woke up this morning the temp was -4 degrees F!  Windchill factor was somewhere around -20.

This was what it looked like out my back door.

The snow just squeaks when you walk in it.  Addy sure likes playing in it, but when it gets so cold, she just wants to play for a little bit and come right back in.  Don't blame here there!

I did some baking over the weekend.  This recipe came from the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog.  These were yeast rolls that were turned into a sweet bun.

All I did was roll the little dough balls in milk and then cinnamon and sugar, let rise and bake!  Yum!

When I made the dough recipe, it made a very large quantity of dough.  Besides these rolls, I made pizza for dinner.  Made one for Ev, Nick, and myself.  Here's mine and Ev's - after we started in on them!

Nick didn't come over until later and his pizza was a bit smaller, but it was enough for him to eat two meals off of it.

I also am experimenting with the dough.  I made up some small balls of it and froze them, like the ones you get in the package in the freezer section at the grocery store.  Hope they work out okay.

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Lynley said...

those pizzas look amazing! but so does the snow, we're still rolling around in summer storms right now, at least there's some rain :)