Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ice Fog

This morning on my drive to work there was a lot of fog in the fields.  I snapped this picture, but it really was much thicker just a few miles south.  You can see it in the field here, but it has receded a bit from the road.  It was right up to it and heavier.

No, I didn't sew last night.  I did make a chicken and mushroom dish with monterey jack cheese on it that was pretty good.  Just something I threw together.  Also steamed some asparagus.  That was very good.  I did it in my pressure cooker using the steam function.  Pretty cool...

I need to go pick out some more fabrics for 16 patch blocks.  I'm thinking of raiding my neutrals and black and brown stash bins.  Just for something different.  Last count I am pretty sure I was at 13 pairs of blocks finished.

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