Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Life in Post It Notes

What did we do before Post It Notes?  While I'm working I will think about something I have to do, either at home or at work, and I jot it down on a post it and stick it wherever.  Some notes are pretty straight forward and anyone can decipher them, but others, not so much.

All that matters is that I know what they mean and hopefully don't lose the note before the chore is completed!

Hoping to get in some sewing tonight, if Addy is in a mellow mood.  I just want to get some pieces pressed for the 16 patch blocks, so if she is rowdy, I could just bring them downstairs and press them in the front room.

Going to be too cold in the basement to do anything on the longarm, but maybe tomorrow during the day I can get things finished on it while Ev is home.

I have a few days off starting tomorrow so I would like to get some sewing in if I can.

Last night I made some stuffed peppers for dinner.  They turned out pretty good.  This morning Ev ran over to the Italian Deli a couple towns over and picked up some Salteeza.  I'm going to fry it up along with some potatoes and that will be dinner tonight.

Baked a cake last night, too.  Just had it in my head to bake something, so I dug out a white cake mix and threw in some chocolate chips for good measure.  Yum.  Yeah, like I need cake...  haha.


Dora, the Quilter said...

I'm really sensitive to heat and cold, and while I'm sure my quilting room is warmer than where your machine is, I have a couple of down-filled vests that I picked up on sale from Lands' End that make me so much more comfortable. Maybe one would make it more comfortable when your quilting room is cold. Goodness knows, you've had plenty of cold this winter!

sb said...

Please, what is Salteeza. I tried Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines with no success.
Sarah in California