Monday, February 9, 2015

Work It

That's what I told myself - work it!  haha.  I am about halfway done with the quilting on the tee shirt quilt for my nephew.  It's been a project, but not horrible.  The worse part is the thread on top kept breaking when I put in a new bobbin, so after fiddling with it a bit, I just put in a different bobbin.  I did have to make some tension adjustments, but not too bad.

I talked to my sister in law to be, and she is coming over this week to write on a label for the back.  Will be glad to get it done and delivered.  I do enjoy looking at the tee shirts as I'm working on it.  One of my favorites is right there in the bottom row middle.  It has a mini Darth Vadar saying "Come to the dark side...we have cookies"!  I think that's so cute.  Don't know where he got that shirt, but I did recognize several others.  One was from the zip lining adventure we all did together.  That was pretty cool.  Still can't believe I zip lined...  :)

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