Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Next Project (Maybe)

I love to read other people's blog posts and have some of my favorites on the right rail, as you all can see.  Jo's Country Junction has some pretty good ideas on it and I would like to share a link to a post she had a couple days ago.

Jo posted pics of a quilt she has a free pattern for on her blog and some different color ways it can be made.  Here's a link to that post, which, in turn, will link you to the instructions for making it:

I have a jelly roll of batik fabrics waiting to be made into something spectacular, and I think this may just be it!  I love batiks.


Andee said...

I really like the Jimmy John quilt too! Cannot wait to see yours!

Jayna said...

Thanks for the idea. I visited her blog and love the quilt. I have a lot of batiks that need to be made into something pretty!