Monday, March 16, 2015

An Excuse to Bake a Pie

On 3.14 I did it.  I baked a pie on pi day!  Didn't get a picture of it before we ate half of it, though!  I had some peaches in the freezer from a while ago and decided we needed to have a peach pie.  It turned out pretty good.  I will be surprised if there is any left when I get home from work today.

We were going to have bbq chicken wings for dinner, as well as home made potato salad and corn on the cob.  Ev took the gas cylinder for the bbq grill off so we could get it filled.  When we got to the place that fills them they were closed!  Turns out they changed their hours and weren't open on Saturday's anymore.  We don't like to do the 'exchange' thing with the cylinders, so we just took it back home and I'll bring it with me one day this week and get it filled on my lunch hour.  There may be enough gas in it to make sausages on the grill, so that may be dinner tonight.  If I feel like cooking outside.

Anyway, we did have the wings because I ended up putting them in the oven and under the broiler for a bit.  Not quite the same, but pretty good anyway!

I had to eat off of two plates.  One for wings and the bones, and one for potato salad and corn!  haha.  It was a summertime meal at the end of winter.

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