Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Back it up

This floral print is going to be the backing for last years Paducah swap top.  It is wide enough, but the length concerned me.  It was only a couple inches longer than the top.  I was worried that the back would shrink with the quilting, plus I know I lose a bit in attaching the back to the leaders.

To remedy this, I added a four inch piece of muslin at either end.  That will give me a bit of wiggle room.  I can attach the muslin to the leaders without losing any of the length of the backing.

Took Addy for a walk after work yestereday.  It was such a beautiful afternoon, would have been a shame to not enjoy it.  Although I did have a bit of a mishap.  While walking past another dog in it's yard, with Addy pulling like crazy, I walked on some loose gravel and down I went!  Hit the ground with a thud.  haha.  Only thing wounded was my pride.  I did have a little stiffness in my shoulder, and had a bit of tenderness on my bottom.  No big deal.  Good thing I have lots of padding!

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