Monday, March 16, 2015

Finally Finished with Tee Shirt Quilt

Yesterday I finished putting the binding on the tee shirt quilt.  Oh, am I ever glad it's done!  I texted my brother and his fiance' to let them know, and I'm hoping they come over tonight and pick it up.  If not, I will be delivering it to them within the next couple days.

This was one of my favorite tee shirt panels.  It was from a ziplining adventure that my nephew went with us on a few years ago.  I like the way the stitching looks like a zipline!  Well, sorta...  haha.

Some of the panels were not wide enough for the rows and needed to have pieces added to them on the side.  I think things blended really well and these pieces worked out fine.

Here's another close up of a panel.  Some of them were very thick with plastisol.  That is difficult to needle through and keep tension in line.  I also discovered it really dulls needles.  I went through two new needles doing this quilt.

This was some of the stitching on the back.  Nothing fancy in the quilting.  Just really, really glad it's done.

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horsnaround said...

I was lucky enough to see this quilt in person, it is perfect!! It turned out soooooo good, I think you should go into business making these for people, it really looks great!