Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lunch with the hubby

Went to lunch with my hubby today.  We haven't done that in a few weeks and it was nice. 

I couldn't get the propane tank off of the grill and was pretty sure it was empty or very close to it.  I asked him to bring it with him when he came up here for lunch and we would get it filled.  Worked out real well.  I prefer to get my tank filled rather than do those swaps.  You just don't know what people have put in them or done to them.  I really would like to have a spare tank and have it filled, just in case I run out of propane in the middle of a meal. 

Didn't do any sewing last night.  Went home and was going back and forth on what I wanted for dinner since Ev had said he was eating a big meal at work and I didn't need to cook for him.  Well, I wanted a BLT (again, my very favorite sandwich in the world) but didn't have the ingredients.  I ended up taking a quick ride over to Staunton to get a few groceries.  I got the fixin's for my beloved sandwich and also a small package of bratwurst.  Cooked them up for Ev to take for his lunch at work today.  Got to keep the hubby fed, you know...  hee hee hee.

Nick stopped by last night.  He was out on the motorcycle for a ride since it was such a nice night.  I was glad he came by because while I was at the grocery store UPS dropped off our replacement receiver for the t.v. and I was able to con him into hooking it up for me!  He's a good kid.  Now Ev doesn't have to worry that the receiver will quit recording in the middle of the hockey playoff game tomorrow (like it did last week!).

I'm going to force myself to go upstairs tonight and at least get those strips sewn together for that final border.  It's so close, I just have to do it and get it done!  Then this week I definitely have to quilt the church quilt.

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