Sunday, May 18, 2014

Quick Sunday Post

Just got home from taking Ivy for a walk.  Note to self - this time of night there are a lot of rabbits around.  Ivy likes rabbits.  Too much.  Sigh.  The score is Ivy 2, Rabbits 0 for the year so far.

Ev walked with us.  That was a nice treat.  Tomorrow we are getting a dumpster and he is going to start cleaning out the garage.  Hopefully there will be a little room left in it and I can get some of the junk out of the basement, too.

I finished the quilting on the church raffle quilt.  Towards the end, the bottom corner was really off square and I had to ease it around to make sure it came out right.  Not real pleased with it, but it's done and that's as good as it gets.  Will probably take it off the frame tomorrow and then get it to the lady who made the top.  She is going to put the binding on it.

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