Thursday, August 20, 2015


There seem to be a lot of rabbits in our area this year.  This little guy wasn't afraid of me at all, just sat there and ate grass while I took his pic.  I just wish they wouldn't make their nests inside of our fence where the dog can get at them.  This one was outside the fence, thankfully.

I did more sewing on Gemma today.  It was only for about 40 minutes, but I did get one pass finished.  It really is true, that practice makes perfect.  Not that I'm perfect, but I see improvement in quilting this design, just from doing it one day.

I would have sewn more, but my mom and stepdad stopped by.  They were driving through on their way home.  We visited here for a while, then drove to Johanna's for a bit.  When we got home we did some more work on the floor.  It is still not completely done.  There is a bit of baseboard and trim that needs to be finished.  Ev says it should only take an hour or two.  I really hope so because I am pretty tired of messing with it.

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