Friday, August 14, 2015

Chalk It Up

No matter what I do, this picture insists on being upside down!  Computers!  Agh!

You get the idea, though.  I have a box of regular old chalk and I also have a chalk marker that takes the tiny sticks of chalk.  These are going to be put to use on one of the nursing home tops.  I'm taking a page out of whirlsnswirls video tutorials on youtube and marking a grid on the quilt top.  She demonstrated making a clamshell pattern this way and I really liked it.  I dug out that old marking tool and also bought a box of chalk at the dollar store.  Ready to try it out!

And when did chalk start coming in boxes of 6 sticks instead of 12?  Guess it's been a while since I bought any.

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