Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tell Me More, Tell Me More...

Yes, more itsy bitsy wonky star blocks!  I fixed the one I had the piece turned around in, then sewed up three more blocks!  I have 21 of them made so far.  Going to need quite a few if I want to use them for cornerstones, so I'll just keep making them and throwing them in a pile.

Take a look at that one in the middle.  I used a really cute white fabric with red dots and hearts on it for one of the star points.  Unfortunately, it just doesn't look like it will work for a star point.  It blends in too much with the white background and you can see the other material behind it.  I'm finding I need to use darker and dark medium scraps for the star points for them to show up.  Oh, well, it's my quilt and I can do what I want with it, right?  :)

Still sewing these little guys on the 401.  She's a real beauty, let me tell you!  Sissy has become my favorite machine at the moment.

This Saturday we are meeting in Arthur to pick out background fabric for our 9" wonky star block swap at the quilt show in April.  That should be fun.

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