Monday, August 17, 2015

The Before Pictures

We started working on our kitchen floor.  Here is what it looked like before:

The refrigerator that was in the house when we moved in had a motor overheat and scorched an area over there in the top corner.  A couple of dogs, when they were pups, liked to chew on the floor. 

After starting and restarting a few times, we finally have a few rows of the new laminate flooring down.  I'm wondering if a week of vacation is going to be long enough...


horsnaround said...

Looks like fun.......................NOT!!! Good luck! :)

Lynley said...

yep, I'm glad I'm not close enough to offer to pop round and help :) Will be great when it's done though!

Elle said...

A week is plenty of time!!! And you'll have lots of time leftover to play :-)

Once you have that first course down, it flows so fast.

When we did ours, I laid out the planks and hubby pounded them in. When it was time to cut, we'd measure and I would go out and make the cut while hubby started the next course.

You could actually finish this in 1 day :-)